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General Hospital 2011 Mr. Yi #1.12397 Owen Renfroe
General Hospital 2011 Mr. Yi #1.12396 Owen Renfroe
Cold Case 2009 Joe Sung (2009) Chinatown David Von Ancken
ER 2007 Mr. Lee Wang Blackout Christopher Chulack
On The Lot 2007 Mr. Vu Doctor-In-Law Shalini Kantayya
Thief 2006 Dr. Wu Pilot Paul McGuigan
Out of Practice 2005 Joe Thanks Mark Cendrowski
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody 2005 Co-Star Heck's Kitchen Rich Correll
Huff 2005 Jung Tapping the Squid Sarah Pia Anderson
Still Standing 2002 Co Star Still Family Andrew D. Weyman
Two Families 2002 Recurring Role Pilot (unaired) Pam Fryman
The Bernie Mac Show 2001 Papa Kim Bernie Mac, Ladies Man Lee S. Chernel
The Perfect Wife 2001 Doctor Made For TV Movie Don E. FauntLeRoy
V.I.P. 2001 Guest Star Millennium Man Farhad Mann
V.I.P. 1999 Lu-Shan Mao Better Blues Farhad Mann
Dharma & Greg 1999 Teddy the Nudist Run, Dharma, Run Gail Mancuso
Martial Law 1999 Guest Star Painted Faces Whitney Ransick
The Hoop Life 1999 Wellington Po A Little Yen Stacey Curtis
DiResta 1998 Guest Star   John Tracy
Touched By An Angel 1998 Guest Star The Spirit of Liberty Moon Tim Van Patten
The Simpsons** 1998 Guest  Voice Das Bus  
Friends 1998 Andrew The One With Phoebe's Uterus David Steinberg
Beverly Hills 90210 1997 Guest Star Spring Breakdown Charles Correll
Ink 1997 Guest Star Logan's Run David Steinberg
The Magic Pearl** 1997 2 Guest Voices   Gordon Hunt
Pacific Blue 1996 Guest Star Burnout Lyndon Chubbock
Night Stand 1996 Hiroshima Prison Babes  
Life With Roger 1996 Guest Star The Stereo Rod Daniel
O.J. Simpson Civil Trial 1996 Dr. Henry Lee   Scott Reiniger
The Young and the Restless 1995 Guest Star February Sweeps Heather Hill
Murder She Wrote** 1995 Voice Over    
Days of Our Lives 1995 Recurring Role   Ken Herman
Mad-TV 1995 Special Guest Star   John Blanchard
California Dreams 1995 Recurring Role Multiple Episodes P. Malorey
Hope and Gloria 1995 Recurring Role Multiple Episodes Steve Zuckerman
Chicago Hope 1995 Guest Star A Coupla Stiffs Jerry London
Legend 1995 Guest Star Birth of a Legend (Pilot) Charles Correll
If Not For You 1995 Guest Star The Original Pilot (unaired) Thomas Schlamme
Love & War 1994 Waiter Slow Boat to China Bob Berlinger
Ultraman:The Ultimate Hero 1993 Dr. Yusna The DaDa Effect  
Last Flight Out 1990 Hospital Admin. Made For TV Movie Larry Elikann
Jake and the Fatman 1990 Proprietor I Know That You Know Russ Mayberry
Good Grief! 1990 Mourner #1 Warren Learns To Fly Howard Storm
Hunter 1987 Minister The Jade Woman  
Gun Shy 1983 Chinese Leader #1 Reading, Writing, and Robbing  
Marco Polo** 1982 Multiple Voices Mini-Series Giuliano Montaldo
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Little Candy Hearts 2010 Leo Independent Short Film Seaton Lin
Journey of a Paper Son 2009 Jin Independent Short Film Ming Lai
House of Wong 2008 Uncle Independent Short Film Nicholas Wong
Laundromat 2008 Bob Adelante Tv Films Edward Gunawan
Next 2007 Korean Man Paramount Productions Lee Tamahori
Akeelah and the Bee 2005 Korean Grocer Lions Gate Films Inc. Doug Atchison
Art School Confidential 2005 Prof Okamura United Artists Terry Zwigoff
Hold The Rice 2004 Ling Woo Blonde Rice Productions Joseph A. Pineda
Nat'l Lampoon's Gold Diggers 2004 Mr. Woo Delfino Ent. Gary Preisler
Game Over 2004 Doctor Hill & Brand Ent. Scott & David Hillenbrand
The Last Place on Earth 2002 Doctor Boss Entertainment J.F.K. Ford
Bokshu: The Myth 2002 Lama Arjun Creations Shymaprasad
Brother 2000 Chinese Boss Sony Classics Takeshi Kitano
Teacher's Pet / Devil in the Flesh 2 2000 Chauffer TP-2 Productions Marcus Spiegel
Leprechaun In The Hood 2000 Chow Yung Pi Trimark Rob Spera
Godzilla 2000** 1999 Lead Voice Tri-Star Michael Schlesinger
First Daughter 1997 Grandpa American Film Institute Anne Madden
Cannes Man 1996 Minister Rocket Pictures Richard Martini
Hindsight 1996 Ricardo Red Ball Productions John T. Bone
It Runs In The Family 1994 Mr. Won Lung MGM Bob Clark
Shootfighter: Fight To the Death 1992 Official A.N.A. Productions Steve Carver
I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore 1992 Bowling Alley Clerk Matovich Productions Robert Marcarelli
Rapid Fire** 1992 Voice 20th Century Fox Dwight H. Little
Double Impact** 1991 Voice Columbia Sheldon Lettich
China Cry: A True Story 1990 Telegraph Clerk TBN Films James Collier
The Iron Triangle 1989 Shen Scotti Bros. Eric Weston
Mac And Me 1989 Technician #2 Orion Stewart Raffill
For Keeps 1988 Rev. Kim Tri-Star John Avildsen
When The North Wind Blows 1974 Alex Snow Tiger Prod. Stewart Raffill
Sleeping Dogs 2012 Multiple Characters Video Game Square Enix London Studios
L.A. Noire 2011 Pedestrian 10 & Multiple Other Characters Video Game Rockstar Games
Time Warner "The Power of You" 2009 Monk Regional Commercial Time Warner Cable
IBM "Anthem" 2009 Board Member National Commercial IBM
Narc 2005 Civilian/Thug/Monty Dealer (Voices) Video Game Midway Games
Kan-Tong Fried Rice 1994 Chef National Commercial Mars, Incorporated
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