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AACTION Asian American Coalition for Total Inclusion On the Networks
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  A Magazine Q&A between Jack Ong and Jim Cho
AAPAA Association of Asian Pacific American Artists
AAPAA was founded in 1976 to advocate a realistic and responsible media image of Asian/Pacific Americans, an image that reflects their true presence in the mainstream of American life. AAPAA's community activism included protests of movies, TV shows and other media portrayals which were considered unfair to people of color; a speaker's bureau; and an entertaining educational musical drama, "AAPAA Yours", which played at schools and special meetings.  In addition, AAPAA presented the annual "Jimmie Awards" (in honor of legendary Oscar-winning cinematographer James Wong Howe.) Jack Ong was a charter member of AAPAA, served on the Board of Directors, edited the AAPAA newsletter, and co-wrote as well as performed in "AAPAA Yours".  The California-based not-for-profit organization is currently dormant.
APAMC Asian Pacific American Media Coalition
APAMC was formed as the national umbrella for many Asian American activist organizations (including AACTION) and which now works in concert with the NAACP and other minority activist groups to deal proactively with studios, producers and TV networks, with the goal of hiring more minority talent before and behind the cameras in order to promote the accurate portrayal of the American scene in the media.
CAPE Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment
CAPE is a national nonprofit organization of APA movers and shakers in the entertainment industry which offers scholarships and hosts a variety of regular activities to promote the goals and efforts of APAs working in the creative and executive fields of movies and television.
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